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Visit Australia on business for up to 4 years

Short Stay business visas are available for genuine business visitors seeking a short-term entry to Australia for business purposes (up to three months at a time). This may be used if you wish to make an exploratory visit to investigate business opportunities. It is possible to obtain further short-stay visas to extend a business trip if required.

If you require a longer stay in Australia then there is  a range of temporary visas for experienced business people and investors who wish to live in Australia for up to 4 years. These visas also lead onto permanent  migration if required.

In most cases, an application for a Temporary Residence Business Visa takes less time to process than a Permanent Residence Visa.

With careful planning Temporary Business visas are a stepping stone to Permanent Residence as long as you fulfil your obligations under the temporary visa and meet the requirements for Permanent Residence when you are able to apply.

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