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Occupations List


The Australian General Skilled Migration program is based on a points test. At different times, the Australian government gives an advantage to certain occupations which are in short supply in Australia.

Currently, the list of occupations receiving bonus points are:



         Medical Practitioners

         Registered nurses, midwives and mental health nurses

         Pharmacists  (hospital and retail)


         Medical diagnostic radiographer

         Radiation therapist


         Chefs (highly qualified)

         Occupational therapist

Trades Persons

         Refrigeration and air-conditioning mechanics


         Metal Trades (Fitter, Boiler maker, Sheet metal, Machinist, Welder [1st class], Tool maker)

         Vehicle trades (Automotive electrician, Motor Mechanic, Vehicle Painter, Panel Beater)

         Pastry Cook

         Furniture upholsterer

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