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Study in Australia


Australian schools, colleges and universities enjoy an international reputation for excellence. Academic staff in universities are recruited internationally, and graduates from Australian colleges and universities are employed all over the world.


All teachers in Australian high schools and colleges are university qualified.


The large number of international students, particularly from Asia means that many university campuses have strong international student associations.


Australian institutions provide international students with extensive support services, including:

  • Study skills support

  • English language support

  • Academic counselling

  • Personal counselling

  • Accommodation and employment assistance

  • On-campus medical centres at large institutions or easy access to medical centres

There are a large number of Asian students at most universities and colleges so it is very easy to make friends.


One of the benefits of studying in Australia is the opportunity to study the language and culture.  We recommend that students take advantage of Australia’s large network of Homestay accommodation.  This allows students to live with an Australian family.


Because of concerns about the welfare of students after they arrive in Australia the government has strict requirements about the guardianship of students under the age of 18 years. Special visas are available for family members who wish to accompany the student to Australia- note these are not work visas


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