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Convert your Temporary Residence into Permanent Residence

Temporary Residence means that you obtain can stay in Australia for a limited period of time (up to four years). When that time has expired, you must leave Australia or get a new visa.  This could be another temporary visa, but there are also opportunities to convert your temporary status into Permanent Residence.

It is essential that the new visa is applied for before the current visa expires, as it is not usually possible to extend an existing visa after it expires.

A temporary visa holder may consider applying for permanent residency by:

  • If they are on a temporary business visa they may meet the requirements of the corresponding permanent business visa.

  • Meeting the requirements of the Skilled Migration program.

  • Being an Established Business Owner.

  • Marriage to an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident. This option is only available to those people who are in a genuine, committed and exclusive relationship. Attempting to deceive Australian immigration authorities will result in severe penalties.

  •  If they have close relatives who are Australian citizens or Permanent Residents there may be opportunities under the Family migration program.

Another option for some visa holders is to apply for a further temporary stay without having to depart Australia. Whether this option is available to you depends on the type of visa you have and any restrictions that may apply.  Contact us for assistance.