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Bring/Send an employee to Australia to grow a business

The Australian Government recognises the fact that businesses often need to bring staff from overseas.  This allows businesses to grow and to develop their international competitiveness, and also enables them to import specific skills which can be taught to Australian employees.

Depending on the situation, it is possible to bring these staff members on either a permanent or a temporary basis.

Temporary staff can visit Australia for periods of up to 4 years. Refer to our Visit Australia on Business page.

Permanent staff allows the applicant permanent residence to work in a skilled position that can not be filled from the Australian work force. The visa is usually used by skilled people already working in Australia on a temporary Visa under sponsorship of an Australian employer, however application can also be made from outside Australia.

Generally, applicants must be less than 45 years old unless the position to be filled is an "exceptional" case.

Visa holders must work full time and generally agree to remain with the sponsor employer for a period of three years.

If your business is in a regional area of Australia the visa requirements and English language standards are set at a lower level.