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Introduction to IACEP

IACEP is a new and unique association formed as a result of the common desire of the 100 top overseas Chinese foreign experts invited to take part in China’s 50th
National Day celebration
. The core mission of IACEP is to provide an international bridge and focus for overseas Chinese experts and professionals from various fields of academia and business.

Many current IACEP members are eminent leaders in commerce, science & technology and academia who have networks of global linkages with governments, industries and institutions.

IACEP is a non-political, non-profit, multi-national group dedicated to:

  • Fostering friendship and international co-operation, and advancing the personal, academic and professional development of its membership

  • Contributing to the social, educational, economic, scientific and technological development of China and member countries

  • Developing linkages and networks across communities and countries, and helping to positively shape international opinions and landscapes in the new millennium

  • Providing a high caliber, identifiable and professional focus for overseas Chinese academics & business professionals

Key IACEP Activities and Services
A number of high impact programs and services of significant benefit to members are being developed by the Committee including: 

  • Academic and business linkages and projects between China and various countries for co-operation and investment by members

  • A forum to allow members to interact, network, exchange ideas and develop co-operation anytime anywhere

  • A quarterly newsletter to keep the members informed of the latest developments in academia and business

  • Conferences and workshops

  • Establishment of high technology, R&D, education, and training centres in China to help modernise and internationalise China's key economic sectors

If you would like to be part of this prestigious and proactive global network, then join us now!

Membership Qualification
PhD or equivalent.  Exceptions to the rule at the discretion of the Committee.

Updated: 11-Jul-2006