FSA is a one-stop food system solution provider with vast knowledge,  expertise, capabilities, experience and networks in agriculture, food manufacture and marketing in Australia, China and many parts of the world.

Our business is to work in partnership with you to identify, capture and realize food business opportunities in Asia particularly in Australia and China.


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FSA has more than 2 decades of international experience in developing and implementing agrifood systems that integrate agriculture, food processing and manufacture and  marketing.

FSA understands the global food markets and their opportunities and requirements. and is linked to  extensive networks of international food buyers, suppliers, manufacturers, technologists and industry groups.

FSA excels in creating the keys,  building blocks and systems that make food business happen. 

FSA has unique capabilities and expertise in:


  • Establishing modern farming systems to produce agricultural commodities.

  • Conceptualizing, designing, and commissioning of food processing operations. 

  • Sourcing and supplying of agrifood products for global markets and China.

  • Developing food trade and paddock to plate agrifood projects in China.

FSA are leading experts in developing food business and projects in China.

We understand the political, human, socio-economic intricacies and the range of business practices and processes that are indispensable for business success in China.

FSA is the center of a pan China network of agrifood buyers, suppliers, manufacturers, technologists and industry groups.

Let us be your partner and gateway to the world's largest food market in the new century.



  • Design, establishment and management of the world's largest fruit farm in China

  • Introduction and commercialization of Australian native plants in China

  • Construction of a modern agrifood packing, storage and distribution center in China

  • Establishment of an advanced dairy demonstration center in China

  • Tomato and herb-based food packing operation in China for export to Australia

  • Consulting to Coles Own Brands, fruit sauce and pizza sauce projects in China

  • Food product and brand development in the Middle East for several companies

  • Feasibility analysis, development and commissioning of a brewed vinegar business

  • Commissioning and process development of thick yoghurt projects in Australia

  • Development of a pan China agrifood suppliers and manufacturers network

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