grifoodAsia has a team of world-class in-house experts who can help you to remove technical and non-technical impediments that hinder the development of your food and agriculture business.

AgrifoodAsia has experts in Australia, China and SE-Asia who are familiar with the latest developments and technology relating to food and agriculture in those countries. They can help you to identify, develop, modify or acquire “whole system” or “component” technologies and equipment systems that are suitable for transfer, introduction and application under local conditions.

Our experts can also help you to commercialize promising technologies by finding suitable development and funding partners, or to package the technologies into projects suitable for government and industry funding support.

You can also purchase from us TURN KEY technology solutions and system packages for the production, postharvest management and processing of various types of agrifood products.
Alternatively, engage our experts to help you solve problems on site.

Technology Packages

Each technology system contains comprehensive information covering modern production and postharvest handling technology, and the processing and marketing of the product.

Each technology system purchased is backed by online technical after-sales support by our in-house experts. You may email our experts if you have difficulties in understanding, interpreting or implementing any aspect of the technology.

You get the best technology systems possible at AgrifoodAsia as each technology system is specially developed by our world-class experts who are highly experienced in the food and agriculture environments of various countries, and  in the practical application and implementation of each technology.

If you need our consultants to help you to decide on the best technology solutions for your business, please contact us.





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