grifoodAsia is highly experienced in the development and management of food and agriculture projects in Asia.

AgrifoodAsia's Project Team can work in partnership with you to identify and develop new agrifood projects in Australia, China and SE-Asia, or you can select one the projects recommended by our experts.

AgrifoodAsia has an extensive track record in the successful development, establishment and management of major agrifood enterprises and projects in Asia.  These include:

  • Management and technical consultant to the world's largest fruit farm in southern China with over 3/4 million trees covering an area of more than 2,000 Km2 and a value of over A$35 M

  • Co-operation with China's largest flower and plant center to introduce, R&D and commercialize selected Australian native flowers in China

  • Establishment of modern agrifood development, technology demonstration and training centers in China

  • Management and technical consultant to numerous government and private sector projects in Australia, China and SE-Asia      

Recommended Projects 
The food and agriculture projects recommended by our team of agrifood experts are the result of extensive research, evaluation and experience, and are considered to be highly feasible and have substantial profit potential.

AgrifoodAsia recommended projects are ready-to-implement “TURN KEY” projects. Our experts provide “WHOLE PROJECT” implementation and post-project support, thus helping you to establish the projects quickly. We can also  manage the projects in partnership with you to ensure long term success and competitiveness.


AgrifoodAsia projects are grouped by country/region and as STANDARD projects or as AgrifoodAsia Flagship projects in China.


Location:  Sector:
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Agrifoodasia FLAGSHIP projects in China

If you are interested in any of the projects, please contact us for more information on how we can work with you to make those projects happen.