As the earliest commercial corporation entering the import and export business, the Shanghai Shenhong Corporation is one of the most influential and largest trading groups in Shanghai as well as in China.

Shanghai Shenhong Corporation comprises 26 important enterprises which were either formerly attached to the central government or which operated under the other large commercial groups in Shanghai.  It has cross-regional, multifunction and inter-linking business units covering various industries throughout China.  With wide and intimate connections to the Shanghai business community, it has established many partnerships with other important enterprises based on mutual benefit and co-operation.


Business scope


Shanghai Shenhong Corporation engages in a range of activities including commodity and technology import and export; manufacturing and processing of goods according to specifications, samples and materials from abroad; organising delegations to participate or visit trade shows and exhibitions abroad; business consulting; and wholesaling and retailing services for foreign clients.


Product portfolio


Groceries, garments and shoes, knitwear, food and beverage, agricultural products and local specialties, household electrical appliances, metal vessels, hardware and decorative materials, mechanical equipment, electronic equipment, chemical products and medicine, light-industry products and handicrafts, construction materials, black and rare metals, industrial materials etc. totalling 40 categories and 1,200 items.


Business overview

  1. Large volume of import and export

    Starting from 1994, Shanghai Shenhong Corp. has continuously ranked in the top 50 import and export enterprises in Shanghai. It is also listed in the national top 500 import and export companies.  The total import and export revenue in 1999 was USD58.33 million.

  2. Strong capital support

    The corporation's bank credit is over RMB100 million and is classified as A grade.  In 1999 the collected foreign currency was USD43.67 million which was 93.59% of the total contract value.  The corporation received an award from the Shanghai Municipal Economic Relation and Trade Commission and Shanghai Foreign Currency Exchange Administration Bureau, for their guaranteed safety in collecting foreign currency.


Shanghai Shenhong Corporation is a strategic partner of  AgrifoodAsia working together to build Sino-Foreign business structures, mechanisms, channels, networks and partnerships essential for making agrifood business happen between China and foreign countries


  1. Branches

    The corporation has branch companies in Singapore and Korea.  It has business relationships with 69 countries and regions around the world.  It is able to act as agent for companies from abroad and the SARs.

The Shareholders of Shanghai Shenhong Corporation

Shanghai Joint Trade Company
Shanghai Vegetable (Group) Co. Ltd.
Shanghai Special Steel Pipe Co. Ltd.
Shanghai Xiandai Music and Video Appliance Corp.
Shanghai Medical (Group) - Chemical Reagent Company
Qingpu Accounting Product Shenhong Sales Department
Shanghai No. 1 Department Store - Knitwear Company
Hualian Group Household Electric Appliance Co. Ltd.
Shanghai Culture Product Corp.
Shanghai Hardware Corp.
Shanghai Commerce Development Corp.
Shanghai Commodities Corp.
Shanghai Commercial Network Development Trade Co. Ltd.
Shanghai Ruihua Enterprises Development Corp.

Food and Agriculture Related Companies and Groups:

Shanghai Baxian Group Corp.

Shanghai Zhongshen Trade Co. Ltd.
Shanghai Friendship Co. Ltd.
Shanghai Aquatic Product (Group) Co. Ltd.
Shanghai Food and Oil Trade Company.
Shanghai Foreign Vessel Supply Co. Ltd
Shanghai Qiaojiashan Drink and Food Corp.
Shanghai Commercial Logistic Co. Ltd.
Shanghai Xinya Group Trade Company
Shanghai Candy, Tobacco and Drink (Group) Co. Ltd.
Shanghai Marine Science Inst. - Fishing Machine Research Inst.

Shanghai Shenhong Corporation - AgrifoodAsia MOU