Directly affiliated to and held by All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives (ACFSMC), China Cotton Industries Ltd. (CCI) is one of China's most important agricultural conglomerates and agrifood networks.

China Cotton Industries is the leading company in China's cotton industry.  CCI focuses on its main business line of research and manufacture in cotton processing machineries  to lead technical improvement in the cotton machinery manufacturing sector, cotton processing sector and the cotton by-products deeper processing sector of China.  CCI supplies mechanical equipment and processing technology in dozens of technical aspects such as ginning, de-linting, baling, oil crushing and extraction, cotton seed protein production and cotton seed treatment, thus promoting the uninterrupted scientific and technical upgrading of China's cotton industry as a whole.




China Cotton Industries is a strategic partner of  AgrifoodAsia working together to build Sino-Foreign business structures and foster food and agriculture trade, investment and co-operation between China, Australia and other countries, particularly in the area of cotton.

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