Australia’s Central Economic Zone is a strategic partner of AgrifoodAsia working together to foster economic development within the CEZ, and trade, investment and co-operation with China and SE-Asia.

As part of the CEZ-China initiative, AgrifoodAsia works closely with the CEZ and Australian government departments and industry organisations to achieve the following key objectives to bring sustainable economic benefits to CEZ/NSW/Australia and China:

  • Develop high level strategic government, institution, industry and business linkages between CEZ/Australia and China,

  • Promote and facilitate Sino-Australian trade, investment and co-operation,

  • Provide government departments, industry organisations, institutions and businesses in Australia and China with the insights, experience, skills, training, linkages and bridges essential to agrifood business success between Australia and China,

  • Market development and access.

The CEZ-China initiative received the support of Australia's Deputy Prime Minister at the time of launching, the Hon. John Anderson, strong support of the Chinese Consulate in Sydney and key Australian and Chinese government departments, industry organisations, academic institutions and major businesses relating to agrifood business.

To access the CEZ, please contact us to assist you to make agrifood business happen between you and the CEZ/Australia enterprises and organisations.

The Central Economic Zone (CEZ) is an important economic group and a key food and agriculture region in New South Wales, Australia. It offers a range of high quality clean green food and agriculture products including plant, animal and fishery genetics; horticultural, animal, dairy, grain, legume and fishery commodities and processed foods; education and training services; and world-class agrifood technology.

The CEZ comprises 30 local governments and stretches from Lithgow in the East through Broken Hill to the South Australian border and from West Wyalong to the Queensland border. There are 477 villages, towns and cities within its 400,000 square kilometers, which is just over half the area of NSW and almost twice as big as Victoria and the same size as California or Germany.


Support from the Australian Deputy Prime Minister at initiative launch

Co-operation agreement between AgrifoodAsia and CEZ