Agsell is the international export marketing arm of the NSW Department of Primary Industries, Australia, providing crucial access for foreign businesses to the enormous resources of the Australian agriculture and food industries. It coordinates long term grower contracts between the buyer and producer, and introduces investors to NSW agricultural industry contacts. Agsell has access to all of the technical expertise and resources of the 3000 staff of NSW Agriculture.

Agsell is fortunate to draw from the clean food resources of some of the richest, least polluted farming country on the planet.

New South Wales, Agsell's home base, is the most populous state of Australia. The land mass of NSW takes up an area about the same size as Western Europe. New South Wales is also a major producer of processed food - dairy products such as cheese, butter and milk, bakery products, and the many other rural enterprises typical of a sophisticated Western economy.

NSW yields a huge variety of fruit, vegetables, flowers, fibres and grain from a sub-tropical landscape in the north, temperate in the south, low rainfall semi-desert in the west, to the high rainfall country in the East along the coastal plain. The variations in the landscape and climate result in a wide variety in the products that Agsell can bring you - from tropical fruits such as avocados to cool temperate fruits such as cherries.


Agsell of the NSW Department of Primary Industries is a strategic partner of AgrifoodAsia working together to foster food and agriculture trade, investment and co-operation between the State of NSW and China and SE-Asia.


Agsell has access to meat and fibre from extensive animal production, irrigated cotton, and broad acre crops such as wheat in the central and west of the state.

All producers and buyers who work through Agsell in NSW benefit from advice by specialists on the refinements of NSW Agriculture's world leading research and diagnosis that keeps livestock and plants free from disease.


 Agsell - AgrifoodAsia MOU