grifoodAsia forms strategic and co-operative business relationships with key agrifood-related government departments, industry and business groups, research and development organisations, education and training institutions, major businesses and agrifood experts in Australia, China, SE-Asia and other parts of the world. The partnerships work to develop agrifood trade, investment and co-operation and capture agrifood opportunities for mutual benefit.

Partnership Structure

AgrifoodAsia’s partner structures and associated networks are extensive, particularly in China, Australia and SE-Asia, providing our partners, associates and clients the service of a diversity of international business structures, mechanisms, relationships, networks and expertise, and access to a range of products, services and technology critical to agrifood business success.

Strategic Partners

AgrifoodAsia's Australian strategic partners include major government departments such as Agsell in the NSW Department of Primary Industries, business groups, industry bodies, universities, R & D organisations, businesses and important economic groups such as Australia's Central Economic Zone (CEZ) in the state of NSW which comprises 30 local governments covering an area of 400,000 sq. km.

AgrifoodAsia's China strategic partners include key departments in China's Ministry of Agriculture such as the China National Farmers Science and Technology Training Centre and China Central TV and Broadcasting School responsible for the

development, training and promotion of China's agrifood sector, provincial and city governments, major agrifood development zones and technology parks, China Agricultural University and important government departments, industry and business groups, academic and and training institutions, and R&D organizations in the various provinces and cities throughout China.

Browse our partnership options and contact our offices on how you can form a strategic, co-operative or an associate partnership with us to help you realize your business gaols and do business better in Australia, China and SE-Asia.

Partnership Options

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