Dalian International Agricultural Exhibition 2006

13 - 16 October 2006
Dalian Xinghai Convention & Exhibition Center, Dalian, Liaoning Province, China

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The exhibition will feature the following areas:  


Agricultural; aquatic; livestock; flowers; forestry products;  processed products; crop seeds; seedlings; green and organic produce; food; native products; gardening products; agrochemicals; fertilizers; agricultural input materials.


Technology and research in agricultural and by-product processing; modern horticulture; new packaging technology; biochemical technology and soil-less culture; gene seed cultivation; tissue culture technology; pest control; water efficient irrigation; agricultural ecology; environmental protection.


Mechanical equipment and facilities for cultivation and agricultural processing; harvesting; post-harvest and storage.


Design, consultation and management for agriculture; biological engineering; horticulture; intelligent greehouse; landscape.


Leading agroindustries and transportation enterprises will be present. Scientific results from agricultural colleges and research organizations will be presented.


For exhibitors, the Organising Committee will provide an entry in the exhibition publication (within 100 Chinese words) and will assist in the customs clearance, inspection and quarantine of materials intended for exhibition, and also in organisaing accommodation and tickets.


This exhibition will be of value to management in charge of large domestic and international supermarket chains or distribution centers; enterprises in wholesale and production of agricultural products; enterprises in import/export of agricultural products; distributors and agents for agricultural processing equipment; distributors and agents for agricultural input materials such as fertilizers, pesticides, films, etc.

For a registration form, please contact us: enquiry@agrifoodasia.com