There is no doubt that China will be the world¨s largest market and the engine for economic growth, global influence and integration in the new century.


Businesses world-wide are actively seeking ways and means to engage China in trade, investment and co-operation.


The China market is like no other.  It is nascent but rapidly maturing, growing, modernizing and changing.

Business in China is intertwined with politics, culture and a diversity of business practices. Further, opportunities vary greatly from region to region and from industry sector to industry sector.  


The potential for agrifood business in China is vast and unlimited.  However, entering, successfully navigating and capturing opportunities on offer in the Chinese business maze is not easy.



Sustainable business success in China requires a combination of knowledge, capabilities and skills which include:

  • An in-depth understanding of China and its political, cultural, socio-economic and business  environment

  • Insightful information on the industry sector and the products, services or technologies of interest in China

  • Capability to build the business structures, mechanisms, networks, relationships,  partnerships and an intelligence gathering system indispensable for DOING business in China

  • Personal business skills on how to MAKE business happen successfully for the long term  



For those who want to take a sprint down the business super highway to China, the initial first 3 steps should be:

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

The key to success in China is doing your home work, being committed but cautious, equipping yourself with the China expertise and partnerships, and not running before you can walk.

Before deciding whether to enter China, get a good knowledge of China, its markets, and the opportunities for your products, services or technology by taking a well organized and targeted visit to China.  Join a personalized and industry sector specific China business development mission led and organized by experienced China agrifood experts who understand Chinese food and agriculture and who have the expertise, business structures and connections in China that can enable you to:|
  1. Gain insights into China and its markets and business environment

  2. Visit places of relevant interest to your business

  3. Meet the necessary industry/business people and potential partners

  4. Foster links with key government authorities at the national, provincial, city or district level essential to long term business success

  5. Lay the ground work for business initiation

Prior to the visit, short briefings on China and its markets and some basic training on how to do and make business happen in China will help to maximize your China experience.

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