AgrifoodAsia set up the first marketing network in China for the export of Australian citrus fruits

Australia-China training co-operation


AgrifoodAsia works with the NSW Riverina region to promote business with China


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  AgrifoodAsia conducts seminar for NSW Riverina businesses on "How To Make Business Happen in China"
  AgrifoodAsia forms partnership with Heilongjiang Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  Chinese Consul-General Meets with IACEP  
  Agsell of NSW DPI Forms Partnership with AgrifoodAsia  
  Beijing Meetings  

AgrifoodAsia Introduces Major Australian Livestock Companies to China


  Export of Hi Tech Forced Air Cooling/Ultra-High Humidity Equipment to China  
  Recent Delegations  
  AgrifoodAsia to build Latin America-China Business Gateway  
  Dalian Co-operation  
  Technology Transfer in Guangdong Province by AgrifoodAsia Experts  
  Shenyang New and Hi Tech Agriculture Development Zone Forms Trade and Investment Partnership with AgrifoodAsia  
  Scientific Cooperation in Fujian Province  

Training Co-operation in Shanghai