Chinaís education and training sector currently lacks the capacity, the quantity and quality of education and training programs to enable individuals, enterprises and government departments to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to cope with rapid socio-economic globalization, regional integration and the move towards a knowledge-based market economy. This is particularly so in the agrifood sector which employs 3/4 of China's population.  China's agrifood sector is backward and lacks a critical mass of know-how, technology and equipment, particularly the quantity of quality managers and  technical personnel skilled in food and agriculture necessary for swift modernization and internationalization.

China has an acute need for well trained managers and technical personnel knowledgeable in modern food and agriculture and what it takes to advance China's agrifood sector.

Australia is a major agricultural country and a world leader in agrifood production, processing, postharvest technology and marketing expertise.  It produces a diversity of clean, green, high quality food and agriculture products.  Australian farmers are highly skilled and are among the most efficient in the world.  The key to Australia's agricultural success is its ability to develop new technology, value add, and to respond rapidly  to changing market and consumer demand and trade liberalisation to reduce the cost of doing business and agricultural production while increasing overseas competitiveness

Participants in the China agrifood chain can benefit considerably from taking training in Australia and experiencing  Australia's modern farming and food processing systems in person by visiting some of Australia's most important and advanced agrifood regions.

AgrifoodAsia's China Agrifood Technical Training Programs are designed to introduce Chinese agrifood planners, policy makers, managers and technical personnel from government and industry to the Australian agrifood industry and its development, management and technology, and to help foster long term agrifood trade, investment and co-operation between Australia and China.    

AgrifoodAsia's agrifood technical training programs are conducted in Australia for Chinese agrifood planners, policy makers, managers and technical personnel from government and industry who are interested in acquiring modern and advanced agrifood management and technical expertise in various fields of food and agriculture including horticulture, animal husbandry, field crops, fishery, forestry and food. 

Our agrifood training programs consist of customizable modules that the trainees can choose from, and are delivered by world class agrifood experts highly experienced and knowledgeable in the various fields of food and agriculture in China and Australia, and who understand what it takes to modernize China's agrifood sector and develop Sino-Australia agrifood business. Presentations, workshops and visits to key government and industry agrifood establishments are part of the AgrifoodAsia's training programs.






  • Agrifood related government planners, policy makers and extension specialists

  • Agrifood managers and administrators

  • Agricultural producers and marketers

  • Food processors and technologists

  • Agrifood related educators, researchers and trainers institutions

  • Participants in the agrifood chain


  • MANAGEMENT:  modern management techniques for agriculture, agricultural resource and agribusiness operations

  • PRODUCTION:  advanced farming systems for horticulture, livestock, field crop, seafood and forestry

  • POSTHARVEST:  advanced post-production handling and management technologies and systems

  • FOOD PROCESSING:  the latest in food processing technology for various agrifood products

  • ENVIRONMENT:  new and advanced environmental protection and waste management systems and technology

  • ORGANIC and GREEN FOOD:  the latest organic and green food production and processing systems and technology

  • OTHER TRAINING PROGRAMS: customized to client requirement




Number of Trainees
per Group

15 - 30


Agrifood Sector or Technology Focus

As required


Duration of Training

 Approximately 3 weeks


Formal Training

Approximately 1 week comprising presentations and workshops by a team of world class AgrifoodAsia agrifood experts and invited speakers from government and industry.  Training may be delivered by AgrifoodAsia or in association with external agrifood training providers.

In conjunction with an information folder containing basic information on Australian food and agriculture and presentation notes, a training certificate will be provided upon completion of training. 

People to Meet:

Government and industry experts; potential business partners; key contacts

Places to Visit

Important agrifood related industry/business establishments in key regions of Australia relevant to the groupís interest.  This may include visits to some of Australia's most advanced food and agriculture regions such as the Central Economic Zone, Riverina and Sunraysia 


Major tourist attractions in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Gold Coast.  Visits to other Australia states, territories and tourist attractions can also be arranged.

Special Workshops and Business Meetings

AgrifoodAsia can arrange business match-making meetings and workshops between the training groups and Australian counterparts tour as required.


* Our Australia Agrifood Training Programs can be customized to suit specific requirements.


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