AgrifoodAsia is one of the best Australian study tour providers in food and agriculture for Chinese delegations visiting Australia.  Presentations by AgrifoodAsia food and agriculture experts and business facilitation and match-making meetings are included as part of the tour to give visiting delegates an insightful picture of Australian and global food and agriculture, and the opportunities for Sino-Australian trade, investment and co-operation.

AgrifoodAsia is a partner to a network of Australian food and agriculture related government agencies, industry and business groups, academic and research and development organizations, major primary producers, processors and service providers. This ensures visiting Chinese delegates access to meetings with appropriate and high level government officials and industry and business leaders, and a large selection of field and technical visits.

Developing and sustaining business success in Australia requires western business knowledge and a range of Australia knowledge, business capabilities and personal skills that include:

  1. A good  understanding of Australia and its political, social and business systems and environment

  2. Analytical information of the industry sector and the products, services or technologies of interest in Australia

  3. Capability to build the business structures, mechanisms, channels, networks and relationships needed for doing business in Australia

  4. Business skills to turn opportunities into reality    

AgrifoodAsia's Australia Study Tours will help you to attain a picture of the above and understand the business potential in Australia for your products or services and what major ingredients are required to succeed in Australia, by taking you on a high impact tour to key parts of Australia to meet relevant government and industry leaders and potential business partners, visit industry establishments and experience the business environment of Australia.



  • Export and import businesses.

  • Companies and individuals such as consultants and entrepreneurs intending to take that first step in doing business with Australia

  • Businesses that have some experience in Australia and  wish to expend their business interest in Australia.

  • Government departments looking to foster co-operation with counterparts in Australia.

  • Industry and business organizations that are interested in developing linkages in Australia.

  • Investment groups wanting to invest in Australia

  • Business promotion councils wishing to enhance business skills and co-operation with Australia.

  • Regional authorities that wish to foster trade, investment and co-operation between their regions and Australia.          

  • Education and training institutions


Number of Participants per Group

10 - 20


Business or Industry Sector Focus

As required


Duration of Tour

2 weeks


Australia Information and Presentation

A short introduction and an information brochure about Australia and the industry sector of interest will be provided to tour participants upon arrival in Australia

People to Meet

Government and industry experts; potential business partners; key contacts

Places to Visit

Important industry/business establishments in key regions of Australia relevant to the groupís interest.  For food and agriculture, visits can be made to some of Australia's most advanced food and agriculture regions such as the Central Economic Zone, Riverina and Sunraysia 


For a standard Study Tour, major tourist attractions in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Gold Coast.  Visit to other Australia states, territories and tourist attractions can also be arranged.

Special workshops and Business Meetings

AgrifoodAsia can arrange business match-making meetings and workshops between the visiting group and Australian counterparts during the tour as required.


* Our Australia Study Tours can be customized to suit specific participant requirements.


The tour itinerary will be jointly organized by our AgrifoodAsia Head Office and Representative/Liaison Offices and the many AgrifoodAsia government, academia and industry partners in various parts of Australia, ensuring a smooth and productive visit for the participants.

Upon request, visiting groups can be accompanied by Australia experts from our offices who have local knowledge and linkages, and insightful knowledge and experience of the business system, environment and opportunities in Australia.

While a generic program can be organized, it is preferable that each visiting group comprises members who are from the same  industry or business sector involved in either government, trade, investment, education and training or science and technology in the following areas:

  • Horticulture

  • Livestock

  • Field crops

  • Fishery

  • Forestry

  • Food

  • Environment

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