Dr. Chris YUEN

President of the International Association for Chinese Experts and Professionals
Managing Director of AgrifoodAsia

  • Twenty years of high-level experience in government, academia and business in Australia, China and SE-Asia.  Extensive high-level government and industry contacts and networks in the Asia-Pacific, particularly in the area of food and agriculture.

  • Extensive international food and agriculture experience and consulting for FAO and UNDP and at government level to Asia-Pacific countries including Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. 

  • Worked in various government and industry capacities that include foreign aid programs, Western Australia Department of Agriculture, University of NSW and was Associate Professor of Food Science and Technology at the University of Newcastle.

Dr. Chongyi FENG
Associate Professor in China Studies, UTS, Sydney

Top China expert on education and training and is highly experienced in the various education and training systems and opportunities in China

Dr. Ralph van GELDER
International food and agriculture consultant

Respected international expert and consultant in animal husbandry.  He has extensive knowledge and experience of the livestock industry in China and is involved in a number of major international projects in various parts of China including Inner Mongolia.


Dr. Clem KUEK

Program Manager for AgrifoodAsia

Prior to joining AgrifoodAsia Dr. Kuek was a university academic for over a decade. He has travelled widely in China on various food and agriculture related project assignments.

Industry Sector Experts

AgrifoodAsia's HOW TO MAKE BUSINESS HAPPEN IN CHINA program is supported by of a team of agrifood related government and industry experts experienced in Australia and China.

  1. A profile of China

    This module provides an insider's picture of China containing key information and statistics that will give you an instant
    and concise understanding of China's political, social, human and economic systems and what makes China tick.

    Our presenters will pass to you their China insights which have taken them years to attain.


  2. China survival skills

    This module is designed for the inexperienced and those intending to take that first step on the long march to China for business and co-operation.

    The module contains all the basics to enable you to interact in China and construct the China picture necessary for you to determine whether to take that next step up the Great Wall.  

    1. Basic Chinese business conversational language

    2. Chinese culture and customs

      • Values and beliefs

      • General etiquette - greetings, business cards, dining and entertaining

      • Dos and Doníts

      • Communication

      • Visiting China

      • Receiving a Chinese delegation

    3. China Business Practices

      • Chinese companies and management styles

      • Meetings, negotiation and deal-making

      • Business development and relationship

      • Inter-relational development and maintenance

      • Strategic planning

      • Avoiding pitfalls

  3. China business essentials

    This module enables you to understand the fundamentals of doing business and making a presence in China.

    You can choose from:

    • Introduction to business laws and regulations

    • Import and export protocols

    • Marketing and distribution systems and structures

    • Establishing a virtual office, representative office, co-operative and equity joint ventures and wholly foreign owned company

    • Setting up a farm or factory

    • Managing and operating a company in China

    • Letter of Intent, Memorandum of Understanding, agreements and contracts

    • Agent or distributor agreements

    • Payment

    • Technology transfer and commercialization

    • Promotion, advertising and brand management

    • Currency exchange and control, banking, accounting and auditing

    • Dispute settlement and the Chinese legal system

    • Identifying and working with Chinese partners

  4. Keys to China success

    This module introduces you to the keys needed for sustainable business success in China.

  • Building business structures, mechanisms, and channels

  • Building personal relationships and networks

  • Building political relationships

  • Partnership development  

  • Acquisition of China expertise

  • Business plans and contingency plans

  • Passion, commitment and patience

  • Company management

  1. China industry sector analysis and business opportunities

    As part of your training program, you may choose to focus on one or more industry sectors of interest to you: 


    • Agriculture

    • Food

    • Forestry

    • Education and training

    • Environment

    We can also provide training in the following China industry sectors upon request:

    • IT and telecommunication

    • Construction

    • Pharmaceuticals and medical

    • Financial services

    • Biotechnology

  2. China case studies




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