There is no doubt that China will be the world’s largest market and the engine for economic growth, global influence and integration in the new century.

The potential for business in China is vast and unlimited. Businesses world-wide are actively seeking ways and means to engage China in trade, investment and co-operation.  China surpassed the US as the world’s number one destination for Foreign Direct Investment [FDI] in 2002 and is now the favourite country for international business.

However, entering, successfully navigating and capturing opportunities on offer in the Chinese business maze is not easy, and the China market is like no other.  It is emerging but rapidly maturing, growing, modernizing and changing.  Business is intertwined with politics, culture and a diversity of business practices.  Business practices and opportunities vary from region to region and for the average foreign business entering China, success and failure is very much dependent upon China business expertise and the ability to create the business structures necessary for business to happen..    

Most foreign businesses that failed to flourish in China did so not because of they do not have competitive products or services, but because of they lack REAL understanding of what is required to succeed in China, and inadequate personal China business skills to enable the capture and realization of opportunities on offer.

Given China's vast business potential for decades to come, there is a real need for a comprehensive high-calibre China business training program to help foreign organizations and businesses to access and capture the market opportunities on offer.

Our HOW TO MAKE BUSINESS HAPPEN IN CHINA training program is designed to assist government agencies, industry and business groups, academic and research institutions, business and individuals who are interested in acquiring the analytical information, in-depth insights and the diversity of China business skills essential for the successful capture of trade, investment or co-operation opportunities in China. 

This training program consists of a series of customizable modules that the trainees can choose from, according to China experience and individual requirement. 

Unlike most China business training programs that are conducted with materials produced from theories, books and third party information, and/or with trainers who have little or no practical experience and understanding of the intricacies of the topics they teach, our HOW TO MAKE BUSINESS HAPPEN IN CHINA training programs is conducted by REAL China business and technical experts who have decades of high level knowledge and practical experience in doing business with government departments, industry and business groups, academic and R&D institutions and major companies in both China and Australia, and who understand what it takes to develop China business and how to capture opportunities and make business happen. 


  • Export and import businesses

  • Companies and individuals such as consultants and entrepreneurs intending to take that first step in entering China

  • Businesses that have some experience in China but who wish to enhance their China skills

  • Government agencies looking to foster co-operation with counterparts in China

  • Industry and business organizations interested in developing linkages in China

  • Investment groups wanting to foster investment in China

  • Business Chambers that wish to enhance the China business skills of their members

  • Regional Councils that wish to foster trade, investment and co-operation between their regions and China          

  • Education and training institutions

Successful entry and sustainable business success in China requires a combination of knowledge, capabilities and skills. 

The HOW TO MAKE BUSINESS HAPPEN IN CHINA training program will give you:

  • An in-depth understanding of China and its political, cultural, socio-economic and business system and environment

  • Insightful information on the industry sectors and the products, services or technology of your interest in China 

  • Capability to build the business structures, mechanisms, networks, relationships,  partnerships and an intelligence gathering system indispensable for DOING business in China 

  • Personal business skills on how to MAKE business happen successfully for the long term


Most providers of China business skill training do not have the capability to help you USE the information and skills that you have just learnt to start making business happen.

However, AgrifoodAsia can assist you to use the information and skills that you have just acquired and put you on the road to China by:

  • Providing you with AgrifoodAsia's extensive range of China access services and existing business structures and networks

  • Organizing an appropriate China study tour or business mission for you

  • Working with you in partnership to realize China opportunities quickly and effectively

The HOW TO MAKE BUSINESS HAPPEN IN CHINA training program can be delivered in a number of formats including seminars, workshops and in-house presentations, and can be customized according to client requirement.