China has 22% of the world population but only about 10% of the globe’s arable land.  A significant proportion of China’s 130 million hectares of arable land is poor quality, polluted and hilly, making efficient and high productivity farming difficult.

Furthermore, China continues to lose farm land in a rapid rate due to:

  • Urbanization

  • Industrialization

  • Land degradation

  • Infrastructure construction

  • Expanding deserts

  • Loss of irrigation water

  • Natural disasters

  • Migration of farmers to cities

  • Economic zone and park developments

  • Poor farming practices.

The application of modern farm machinery to help optimize land use and productivity in agriculture is therefore a top national priority in China’s 10th 5-year plan. 

While China can manufacture good quality small to medium agricultural machinery it lacks the capability to manufacture large and advanced agricultural machinery for modern farming and the government has invested more than USD1.0 billion over the last 5 years to help develop and modernize the manufacture of agricultural machinery in China.

Government priorities will be given to the introduction of modern and new agriculture machinery designs and technology and Sino-foreign joint ventures to produce advanced agriculture machineries in China.

Advanced agriculture technology and machines needed in China for the horticulture, field crop, fishery and the livestock sectors include:

  • Tractors

  • Transplanters

  • Sowers

  • Combines

  • Harvesters

  • Fertilizer and pesticide applicators

  • Driers

  • Farm and soil data collectors

  • Laser levelers

  • Water-saving irrigation systems

  • Plant protection equipment

  • Animal incubators and feeders

  • Dairy and milking equipment

  • Cold storage and field handling and cooling equipment

  • Global Positioning Systems

  • Agrifood processing equipment. 



Major Business Opportunities



Import of large and modern agricultural machinery and farm accessory equipment


Import of advanced agricultural machinery technology


Co-operation to produce modern agricultural machinery in China


Export of small and medium China-made agricultural machinery



Keys Needed to Develop and Capture Business Opportunities in China


How AgrifoodAsia Can Help You


In view of the vast business potential in China, businesses worldwide are actively searching for ways and means to access China’s vast market.  However, while tremendous opportunities exist in the huge Chinese agrifood market, accessing and turning those opportunities into reality is not easy.


Unless you have a product or service that sells itself, having a quality product or service at a competitive price does not necessary translate into instant success in China. The average foreign organization or company would still be required to spend


considerable  financial and human resources and years of time to build and acquire the China knowledge, business structures, networks and skills necessary for sustainable success in China.


AgrifoodAsia can minimize your chance of disappointment and lost opportunities, and save you time, money and effort by providing you with our extensive China business structures, mechanisms, networks, expertise and experience, and equip you with the skills necessary for you to DO and MAKE business HAPPEN in China through our training program.


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