China has the range of climates and geography to produce a spectrum of plant and animal foods.  While China lacks modern production, postharvest and processing technologies and equipment, many Chinese farmers are able to produce high quality agrifood products for domestic consumption and export.

One the major stumbling blocks hampering the modernization and internationalization of the Chinese agrifood sector is the shortage of new, good quality and high economic value plant and animal genetics suitable for the different farming systems in various parts of China to produce quality agrifood products in the volume demanded by the increasingly affluent and demanding domestic consumers and for export.

Plant and animal species with the following characteristics are in demand in China:

High quality, high yield and rapid growing

Suitable for farming in a wide range of climates and production systems
Require minimal farm inputs to lower production costs

Pest and disease resistance to reduce chemical use

Drought resistance to reduce water usage for agriculture

Early and late producing to extend the marketing season

Good postharvest characteristics to help minimize postharvest inputs for quality maintenance

High domestic demand and good processing characteristics


Many of China’s good traditional plant and animal species have regressed and there is an urgent need to develop and introduce new plant and animal genetics for evaluation and commercialization, and improve existing economic plants and animals for horticultural, livestock, field crop, fishery and forestry production.

Developing new and improved plant and animal genetics of high economic value suitable for fresh consumption and processing is a top priority in China’s agrifood modernization drive.


Major Business Opportunities



Import of new and high value plant and animal genetics


Import of vegetable and flower seeds


Joint research and development of new China and overseas genetics


Supply of plant and animal breeding technology


GM and organic technologies


Co-operation to trial and commercialize new genetics and associated farming systems



Keys Needed to Develop and Capture Business Opportunities in China


How AgrifoodAsia Can Help You


In view of the vast business potential in China, businesses worldwide are actively searching for ways and means to access China’s vast market.  However, while tremendous opportunities exist in the huge Chinese agrifood market, accessing and turning those opportunities into reality is not easy.


Unless you have a product or service that sells itself, having a quality product or service at a competitive price does not necessary translate into instant success in China.  The average foreign organization or company would still be required to spend  considerable financial and


 human resources and years of time to build and acquire the China knowledge, business structures, networks and skills necessary for sustainable success in China.


AgrifoodAsia can minimize your chance of disappointment and lost opportunities, and save you time, money and effort by providing you with our extensive China business structures, mechanisms, networks, expertise and experience, and equip you with the skills necessary for you to DO and MAKE business HAPPEN in China through our training program.


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