China is the world’s largest producer of fish, followed by Peru, USA, Japan, Indonesia, Chile, India and Russia.

Chinese consumption of seafood is increasing rapidly due to rising affordability, greater access to fishery products in the west and central parts of China due to better transportation and distribution systems, and accelerated fishery development in key parts of China.  Like other food plants and animals, the Chinese prefer live or wild catch fishes.

Fishery is responsible for more than 12% of Chinese agricultural value and is the fastest growing industry in the Chinese agriculture sector with an annual growth rate of about 10%.

China is the top aquaculture producer, followed by India, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Chile and Norway.

China also produces 3/4 of the world's algal products and hydrophytes.

Major world importers of aquatic products are Japan, USA and EU and major exporters are Thailand, China, Norway, USA, Canada and Denmark.

China is modernizing and developing aquaculture as a pillar agriculture industry and has designated 3 zones for its development based on natural and comparative advantages to develop the different types of aquaculture species.

Eastern and Southern Coastal Region comprising Zheijiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Hainan and Guangxi provinces to focus on the development and production of eels, prawns, Tilapia and large yellow Croaker.

Yellow and Bohai Sea Region comprising Shandong, Heibei and Liaoning provinces to focus on prawns and shellfish aquaculture.

Middle to Lower Yangtzei Region comprising Anhui and Jianxi provinces to focus on fresh water crabs.

Concerned about over-fishing and pollution, China has put a zero growth on fresh and seawater natural catches and imposed a seasonal fishing moratorium to allow stock and environmental regeneration.

Key Development Goals for the Chinese Fishery Sector

  • Sustainable and balanced development, protection and exploitation of fishery resources

  • Enhancing the fishing industry's overall performance and competitiveness, and improving the income of fishermen

  • Value-adding to process 40% of the total production and increase exports

  • Address the problems of over-fishing, deterioration of fishery environment, pollution and the unsafe use of aquaculture chemicals

  • Improve the quality, safety and standard of fishery products

  • Integration of culturing, production, processing and marketing of fishery products


Major Business Opportunities


Import of fish meals


Production of high quality fish meal in China


Fishery environmental protection expertise and technology


Aquaculture technology and systems


Fish handling and processing equipment




Joint ventures to develop the fishery industry, particularly in the west and central parts of China to take advantage of new market access resulting from WTO accession and the rapidly increasing consumption due to rising affluence.



Keys Needed to Develop and Capture Business Opportunities in China

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