Development of International Business Gateways

AgrifoodAsia's Australia-China-SE-Asia Business System was built with an orientation towards trade, investment and co-operation activities in food and agriculture. However, the comprehensive and high level nature of the Systemís business structures, mechanisms, channels, networks, relationships, partnerships and expertise, can be modified and adjusted for the development and capture of global business opportunities in other economic sectors such as energy, resources, manufacturing, IT and telecommunication, infrastructure, utilities and services.

AgrifoodAsia is in the process of establishing a number of global business gateways with international partners linking other continents and countries to our Australia-China-SE-Asia Business System, particularly China, for the capture of opportunities in various economic sectors.


We welcome enquiries from suitable Australian or international government departments, industry/business organizations, academic and R&D institutions, and major companies with complementary capabilities and business interests to work in partnership with AgrifoodAsia to develop business gateways for mutual benefit.