The Access China Service (ACS) is AgrifoodAsia’s premium China business service. It is an integrated service designed to provide foreign organizations and firms, particularly those entering the China market for the first time, with the insights, directions, strategies, business skills, linkages and training essential for China success.

The ACS will give you an in-depth understanding of the Chinese market and its business environment, and the tools to enable you to explore opportunities and lay the ground work for business capture in China

The ACS will hold your hand and take you step by step through the A-Z of business development in China.

The ACS includes:

  • China country information.

  • Industry sector snapshot of your choice

  • Business development visit to China.

  • Pre-visit training on “How to MAKE Business HAPPEN in China”.

  • Pre-qualified and pre-screened one-on-one or group meetings with potential Chinese partners such as government departments, business/industry organizations, investor groups, academic and research institutions, distributors, agents and sales representatives.

  • Background and contact information on each potential partner.

  • Post-visit briefing on China market capture strategy.

The full Access Australia and Access SE Asia Services will be available in late 2006.

Unlike many training organizations that conduct training with materials produced from theory, books and third party information, or with trainers who have little or no
practical experience and understanding of the intricacies of the topics they teach, our China and Australia agrifood training programs are conducted by REAL agrifood business and technical experts who have decades of high level knowledge and practical experience in agrifood business and technology and have close linkages and working experience with agrifood related government departments, industry and business groups, academic and R&D institutions and major companies in China and Australia.

Our "How To Make Business Happen in China" training program is a unique high impact program delivered by our top China agrifood exerts and is designed to equip the trainees with our experts' extensive China agrifood knowledge and decades of practical experience in how to do and make business happen in China.


Browse the Learning Centre for more details.


To help you assess the potential China market for your products, services or technology, AgrifoodAsia provides highly insightful snapshots and the latest information on the political, human and socio-economic situations in China and China’s markets and industry sectors. 


These condensed snapshots and reports are compiled by our team of China experts and contain the latest and key general information on China and its industries.  


These snapshots and industry analyses are useful readings not only for the new comers to China but also for established organizations and businesses in China.


More detailed industry specific information on China can be obtained by using our Market Search Service.   



Before taking the plunge, AgrifoodAsia consultants expert and experienced in China can help you to assess the potential of your products, services or technology for the Chinese market by putting together a feasibility study for you.


Once you are confident of the potential success of your products, services or technology and wish to enter China, our consultants can work with you to develop a business plan for China that will help you do and make business happen in China.  


We produce market reports for your products, services or technology to help you to prepare and make an informed decision about entering the Chinese market.  The report includes a snapshot of the China business environment; a quick take on the industry sector of interest which will include market trends, market size, emerging opportunities, rules and regulations; standards, market entry requirements and issues; competition and business practices.  If required, a list of contacts, potential business partners and channels can also be provided. The market search can be customized to your specific requirements.



Our Partner Search Service (PSS) offers you a cost-effective way of taking that first step in entering the Chinese market if you don’t have the resources or the time to travel to China.  Our PSS can help you find potential Chinese business partners, licensees, franchisees, distributors, agents and sales representatives without leaving home.


According to your needs, we can identify appropriate prospective Chinese partners in various provinces of who are interested and have the capability to form a business relationship with you in China.


Our PSS report includes:

  • Basic China country information

  • China industry sector snapshot

  • A list of carefully screened potential Chinese partners

  • Background and contact information on each potential partner


AgrifoodAsia has numerous representative and liaison offices and strategic partners in China, an extensive database and linkages and in-depth knowledge of Chinese government departments, business/industry organizations, investor groups, academic and research institutions, distributors, agents and sales representatives that can be used to create a customized Contact List of potential Chinese partners for you.


You can develop your own China business linkages directly using this list to contact the potential Chinese partners with your own information or business proposals.



If you want a cost effective and time saving way of conducting interviews, discussing business or evaluating your potential partners or clients in Australia or China without leaving home, we can connect you with them using our Partners’ modern video conferencing facilities in Australia and China.


AgrifoodAsia China offices can set up and arrange the details of appointments with contacts of your choice to ensure a smooth and productive business visit to China.  Domestic travel, accommodation, meeting venues, presentation equipment, secretary, interpreter, transport, sightseeing, entertainment, shopping can all be arranged upon request.


AgrifoodAsia can advise you on the best way to make a presence in China and then help you to establish that presence.  China business presence can be in form of a:

  • Virtual Office

  • Liaison Office

  • Representative Office

  • Co-operative of Equity Joint Venture

  • Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise

We can help you to register the business presence; find, rent and set up an appropriate office; recruit local staff, and arrange accommodation and other living requirements for foreign staff.


We can also link you to relevant business development, support and logistic networks in China to help you get on with business quickly.  



You can promote and showcase your products, services and technology in the many scheduled trade events and exhibitions in China.  AgrifoodAsia has extensive connections and close relationships with the organizers of many international, national and provincial trade events and exhibitions in China.  We can help you:

  • Select the right events to ensure your marketing efforts are well targeted and the dollars well spent.

  • Obtain “BEST” position display booths to maximize your product exposure.

  • Negotiate discounts, concessions and special assistance from event organizers for your exhibition.

  • Access greater media attention prior to, during and after the event for your company and products.

  • Meet face-to-face with genuine potential partners and clients at the event.

  • Print and translate business cards, contracts, brochures, company information and agreements.

  • Construct agreements such as Letters of Intent (LI), Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) and contracts. 

For industry or business groups wishing to target a specific market and/or region, AgrifoodAsia and its China partners can also help you to organize specific trade events and investment conferences according to your requirement.



Feature your organization or company in our on-line Industry Directory to help you internationalize and attract world-wide customers 24 hours a day.  Or we can place a highly visible banner on our Home or Centre pages or tailor a special promotion for you. 


The AgrifoodAsia web site and on-line directory will give your organization or company extensive exposure, particularly in Asia, as our site is a partner to many government departments, industry groups, business organizations and major companies engaged in food and agriculture business in China, Australia and SE-Asia.



AgrifoodAsia works closely with a group of AgrifoodAsia partner companies to provide you with the A-Z of conducting Sino-foreign businesses.

  • Business administration, accounting and auditing

  • Business consulting

  • Hotels and meeting/conference facilities

  • Legal services, IP and commercial disputes

  • Marketing and government/public relations

  • Trade show, exhibition and promotion services

  • Freight forwarding, transportation and storage

Please contact us or the companies direct for further information or professional services. 


Please note that we assume no responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of the persons or firms associated with AgrifoodAsia.

While the business opportunities in China are many, capturing them and sustaining market success in the complex Chinese agrifood market is not easy. Business success with China is constrained by language and culture; shortage of quality information about China’s business, investment and regulatory environment, business know-how and skills and tools, and the lack of experienced Australia-China business facilitators with the needed China expertise and linkages in China who can help foreign businesses to build business structures, mechanisms, channels, networks, relationships and partnerships essential to DOING and MAKING business happen between China and Australia.

To help foreign organizations and companies to capture markets in China, AgrifoodAsia regularly organizes familiarization study tours and high impact business capture missions to China.


These study tours and missions are industry sector or objectives specific and are designed to focus on:


  • Developing sustainable linkages and relationships with major government and industry authorities/groups in key parts of China

  • Enhancing the knowledge and insights of mission participants of the current status and potential opportunities of the China horticultural market

  • Improving the skills of the mission participants on how to DO and MAKE horticultural business happen in China

For more information on study tours and business development missions, please visit our Learning Centre or contact us.