grifoodAsia is a highly experienced and dynamic international agrifood business development and facilitation team.

Identifying, developing and capturing agrifood business opportunities in Australia, China and SE-Asia.

Constructing and providing business building blocks and solutions essential for business success.

Providing practical and insightful advice and strategies, expertise and training needed to turn opportunities into reality.

Accessing and navigating the vast China agrifood market.and business systems.

AgrifoodAsia has extensive government and industry contacts and our team of experts has decades of intimate working knowledge and understanding of the social, cultural, human, political and economic intricacies and the agrifood business practices that are essential for business success in Australia, China and SE Asia.

We are in the business of making business happen for you.

Business Development Missions 

to China

to Australia


Business facilitation

Let us help you make business deals, access markets and conduct agrifood business and trade with confidence in Australia, China and SE-Asia.

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Advertising and promotion

Internationalize your business by placing an advertisement, or let us do a special article to promote your business in both our English and Chinese websites. We offer you a range of advertising and promotional options to suit your needs and budget:

Advertising options with AgrifoodAsia

International business support services


  • Access China Service

  • Training programs including "How To Make Business Happen in China"

  • Country Snapshots, Market Profiles and Industry Sector Analyses

  • Market Search, Feasibility Studies and Business Plans

  • Partner Search and Contact List

  • Video Conferencing and Appointment Service

  • Establishing a Business Presence

  • Trade Events and Exhibitions

  • AgrifoodAsia Industry Directory, Banners and On-Line Promotions

  • Business Solutions and Logistic Support

  • Study Tours and Business Development Missions

  • Deal-Making and Business Match-Making Service