AgrifoodAsia organises customisable and high impact business capture missions to Australia for Chinese food and agriculture industry participants engaging in trade, investment, education and training, science and technology and co-operation.

These missions are highly focussed and are designed to help participants experience in person the business environment in Australia and to identify, develop and capture opportunities in Australia. 

AgrifoodAsia also organises customisable and high impact business capture missions to Australia for Chinese government agencies, industry and business groups, education and training institutions,  academic and research and development organizations, dragonhead enterprises and companies.





  • Export and import businesses.

  • Companies and individuals such as consultants and entrepreneurs intending to take that first step in entering China.

  • Businesses that have some experience in China but wish to enhance their China skills.

  • Government agencies looking to foster co-operation with counterparts in China.

  • Industry and business organizations interested in developing linkages in China.

  • Investment groups wanting to foster investment in China.

  • Business Chambers wishing to enhance the China business skills of their members.

  • Regional Councils wishing to foster trade, investment and co-operation between their regions and China.          

  • Education and training institutions.


Number of Participants per Group



Business or Industry Sector Focus

As required


Length of Tour

2 weeks


Pre-tour Briefing

Short presentation on China (political-social-business) and how to get the most from the trip

People to Meet

Provincial, city and district level government and industry leaders and experts, and potential business partners and key contacts

Places to Visit

Important industry/business establishments in key regions of Australia relevant to the groupís interest


Major tourist attractions of the regions and cities to be visited

Post-tour Support

Post-tour briefing to help group members capitalize on their tour experiences and to develop strategies to capture opportunities identified.


Our Australia Business Capture Missions can be customized to suit specific participant requirements.

The tour itinerary will be jointly organized by our AgrifoodAsia Head Office and the AgrifoodAsia Representative/Liaison Offices and business partners in various parts of China to ensure a smooth and productive visit for the participants.

Each visiting group will be accompanied in Australia by our experts  who have local knowledge and linkages, and insightful knowledge and experience of the business system, environment and opportunities for agrifood in Australia.

While a generic program can be organized, it is preferable that each visiting group comprises members who are from the same industry or business sector involved in either trade, investment, education and training or science and technology in the following areas:

  • Horticulture

  • Livestock

  • Field crops

  • Fishery

  • Forestry

  • Food

  • Environment

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