Optimal settings  for viewing our web site


  • Set SCREEN RESOLUTION to 1152 X 864 pixels.
    WIN XP: Start >> Settings Control Panel >> Display >> Settings

  • Set to COLOUR QUALITY to the highest possible.
    WIN XP: Start >> Settings Control Panel >> Display >> Settings

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  • Our reference browser is Internet Explorer 6. Our visual output and operability is only guaranteed when IE6 or equivalent is used to access our site.

    You can download IE6 here:


  • Set TEXT SIZE to "medium"
    IE 6: View >> Text Size >> medium

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  • You will need the Macromedia Flash plugin for some areas of our web. If the plugin is missing, the browser will prompt you to download and install the plugin when you arrive at a page that requires it.

  • JAVASCRIPT needs to be enabled.
    IE6: Tools >> Internet Options >> Internet Zone >> Security >> Custom Level >> Scripting >> Scripting of JAVA applets .... Click the Enable radio button.

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If you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact
our webmaster.