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AgrifoodAsia will prepare web layouts for you after you have supplied the required text and graphics as follows:

  • Format
    The layout has two sections viz. the address block on top and the company description area below (refer to sample layouts in the hyperlinks links above).

  • Address block

    • Organizational details
      Please supply: Full organisational name; physical address; telephone and fax numbers with country and area codes; email address; URL of organizational website if required.

    • Logo graphics
      If you wish to have a logo appear in your listing, you will need to supply a high-resolution graphic in either
      JPG or GIF format not larger than 130 (w) X 115 (h) pixels.

  • Description area

    • Text/graphics space
      layout per page view will be equivalent to 490 X 811 pixels. You will need to restrict the amount of material that you want to appear within this limit.

    • Text/graphics content
      Page content will generally be arrayed into two columns on each page unless a different format is more appropriate e.g. as in catalogues (see sample layout here).
      The amount of text in Font Size 10 that can be carried per page will be a
      maximum of approximately 27 lines per column (depending on the amount of bolding and font sizes used). Look at the samples to get an idea of how much text can be carried. Remember that the more graphics you request to be added to your description area, the lesser the amount of text that can be carried.
      Please supply all the text and the graphics (high-resolution GIF or JPEG) that you want to appear on your details page.

Send queries, requests for set up of directory account, or text/graphics for web layout to:
AgrifoodAsia with "ind dir" as the subject.