ASEAN countries are:
Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore,
Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

The ASEAN region has a population of approximately 625 million spread over an area of 4.481 million Km2. The food and agriculture sector is the economic foundation of most ASEAN  countries.  After shaking off the effects of the financial crisis of the 90s and despite the present Global Financial Crisis, ASEAN economies are robust and are well on the way to fulfilling its role as one the major global economic engines in the new century. 

AgrifoodAsia has extensive networks and working relationships with many ASEAN government agencies, academic and R&D institutions and industry and is expert in agrifood business and

co-operation with ASEAN nations.  Most members of our management and technical teams have decades of practical experience in developing high level projects and conducting trade, investment, education and training co-operation with ASEAN countries.

Key indicators

GDP growth [%]


GDP [USD trillion]


GDP per capita [USD]


Exports [USD trillion]


Imports [USD trillion]


Source: ASEAN FMSU database


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