hina is the world's second largest economy measured by purchasing power parity. China's economy has been growing at a phenomenal average rate of 8% per year for the last decade, and in 2002 China surpassed the US as the world's leading Foreign Direct Investment [FDI] destination, attracting over USD50 billion.

There is no doubt that China will be the world’s biggest market and the global center for trade, investment and economic growth in the new millennium.

In view of China’s entry into the WTO, businesses worldwide are actively searching for ways and means to access China’s vast market - especially in the agrifood sector. Food accounts for almost 40% of the total household expenditure in China and is 4 times that of United States. China’s food and agriculture market is worth more than A$700 billion annually and growing rapidly.

Australia's export of agrifood products to China reached A$2.42 billion in 2002 and given the current trend, is likely to reach more than A$6 billion by 2010.


However, accessing and sustaining success in the huge Chinese agrifood market is not easy.
Business success with China is constrained by language, culture, poor availability of information, lack of business know-how, skills and tools, geographical barriers, and the scarcity of experienced business facilitators with the China expertise and capacities required to help foreign businesses do and make business happen, and to capture trade, investment and co-operation opportunities as they occur.

AgrifoodAsia is expert in agrifood business and co-operation with China. Our management and technical teams have extensive linkages with government and industry and decades of practical experience in conducting trade, investment and co-operation with China.

We provide a comprehensive range of services to help you to be successful in China. 

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