ustralia has a dynamic economy,
a stable political system, a high  quality of life, a multicultural and talented workforce, direct access to international business systems, and competitive business costs, all at door step of Asia. This makes Australia one of the best places in the world to live, visit, invest and conduct business.

Australia is a major agricultural country and a world leader in agrifood production, processing, postharvest technology and marketing expertise. It produces a diversity of clean, green, high quality food and agriculture products. Australian farmers are highly skilled and are among the most efficient in the world in producing agrifood products.

Australia exports more than 70% of its annual food and agribusiness is valued at AUD54 billion.  The key to Australia's food and agricultural success is its ability to develop new technology, value add, rapid response to changing market and consumer demand and trade liberalisation to reduce the cost of doing business and agricultural production while increasing overseas competitiveness.

Central Economic Zone (CEZ)

The Central Economic Zone (CEZ) is a strategic partner of AgrifoodAsia. It is a major agrifood region in Australia offering a range of food and agriculture products and services including genetics, horticultural, animal, dairy, grain, legume, fishery commodities and processed foods, and high quality education and training programs and technology.

AgrifoodAsia and the CEZ work closely together to foster economic development within CEZ as well as building trade, investment and co-operation bridges between CEZ/NSW/Australia and China, SE-Asia and the rest of the world.


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Australia: Country information


      Plentiful agricultural land and water

    A range of climates & soils suitable for
    the production of a wide variety of high
    quality agricultural products

      Few pest and diseases
      Clean air, water and soils

    Advanced farming and food processing
    infrastructures and world-class research
    and development capabilities


    A skilled workforce that ensures high
    production and manufacturing efficiency


    At the door step of major agrifood
    importers in Asia with a AUD1 trillion
    food market


    Counter seasonal to the world’s major
    agrifood producers in the northern
    hemisphere, particularly China - the
    world’s largest and most rapidly
    expanding agrifood market


    Ability to supply to diverse markets with
    different tastes, styles and
    cultural/ethnic needs