Country Partners
This structure involves the establishment of representative or liaison offices resourced by the partners in selected countries to represent AgrifoodAsia and work with the AgrifoodAsia group to jointly build long term capacities, and create and capture agrifood opportunities.

Strategic Collaborators
This structure involves alliances between AgrifoodAsia and important government departments, academic and R&D institutions or industry and business groups in various countries for the purpose of fostering agrifood development, market access and the capture of opportunities for organizational gain.

Regional Representatives
This structure involves strategically located individuals or groups with specialized agrifood capabilities or networks in various parts of a country, working actively in partnership with AgrifoodAsia and associated networks to generate and capture business opportunities for mutual benefit.

Consulting Experts
This structure involves a network of individual agrifood business and technical experts from government, industry and academia, working either proactively or reactively with AgrifoodAsia on specific projects of common interest or providing consulting services when required.

Business Associates
This structure involves selected companies and individuals in the agrifood sector that include those engage in production and manufacture, trade, finance, investment, project development, science and technology, education and training, and international co-operation, working closely with AgrifoodAsia to develop and market their products, services or technology in Australia, China and SE-Asia under exclusive or commission arrangement.

Our Partnership Structure