Management team

Dr. Chris YUEN (Australia) [Founder of AgrifoodAsia.Com]
BSc(Hon) DipEd W Aust MApplSc PhD UNSW

Dr Yuen has 2 decades of high level experience in international agrifood business, education & training, and the research, development and commercialisation of technology. He has wide working experience with government, industry and academia and has consulted for FAO, UNDP, and many countries in the Asia-Pacific including Australia, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Thailand at government level.  He was an Associate Professor in Food Science and Technology with the University of Newcastle before establishing AgrifoodAsia with partners in China and SE-Asia.

He has been invited more than 50 times to various parts of China to help solve key agrifood problems. He is highly linked and has extensive intimate working knowledge and understanding of the agrifood business practices and the social, cultural, human, political and economic intricacies needed for success in Australia, China and SE-Asia.

Dr Yuen is currently a Director of the Central Economic Zone in Australia and the President of the International Association for Chinese Experts and Professionals (IACEP).

Prof. Shaofeng WANG (China)

Prof. Wang is a respected food and agriculture expert with a range of international experience in agrifood business, science and technology and R&D. He is widely linked to various government departments, organisations and groups relating to agrifood business within and outside of China.

Mr. Yuanhua QIAN (China)

Mr. Qian has extensive experience in China commerce. Mr Qian specialises in business linkage and development and has extensive working relationship with various government departments and industry groups throughout China.



Dr Nunthachai is a highly respected leader and well known agrifood expert in ASEAN and has decades of experience in high level agrifood government, business, education and training and project development involving SE-Asia.

He has extensive connections with government and industry in the ASEAN countries.

Dr. Clem KUEK (Australia)
BSc(Agric)(Hons); PhD W Aust

Dr. Kuek is a respected industrial microbiologist with experience ranging from commercial R&D management to the university sector in teaching and research (Senior Lecturer in Industrial Microbiology).

He is expert in food microbiology; fermentation technology; project evaluation and management; education and training; and scientific communication.

Mr. Peter FARLEY (Australia)

Mr. Farley is the Australian Chairman of the International Association for Agricultural Exchange and a Director of the Central Economic Zone Board.  He is highly experienced in modern farming systems and technology.

Dr. Ralph VAN GELDER (Australia)

Dr. van Gelder is a respected international expert in food and agriculture with extensive academic and industry experience.  He consults frequently in Asia, particularly China in the livestock area.