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What is AgrifoodAsia.Com?
AgrifoodAsia.Com is a unique leading edge “One-Stop” Business-to-Business food and agriculture trade, investment, technology, education and training, facilitation, linkage and co-operation centre comprising over 200 partners including government departments, industry/business organizations, academic and R&D institutions and major businesses i
n Australia, China, SE-Asia and other parts of the world, working together to transcend international business practices, language, culture and geographical barriers to help make agrifood business HAPPEN.

When was AgrifoodAsia Established?
AgrifoodAsia was established in year 2000 by Dr. Chris Yuen in association with partners from China and SE-Asia.  Considerable resources have been spent over the last 5 years constructing the international business structures, mechanisms and networks and relationships essential for DOING and MAKING business happen between Australia, China, SE-Asia and the rest of the world.   

Management Team
AgrifoodAsia is managed and operated by a group of respected world-class business experts from Australia, China and SE-Asia highly linked and experienced in all aspects of international business, technology and co-operation, particularly in the area of food and agriculture, providing a comprehensive range of expertise, products and services to help clients navigate the international business maze, access markets, and capture trade, investment & co-operation opportunities presented by socio-economic globalization, particularly in China.

Technical Team
AgrifoodAsia is serviced by a team of world-class in-house and external technical experts from around the globe who have extensive high level working relationships with key government departments, industry organizations, academic and R&D institutions and major businesses, particularly in Australia, China and SE-Asia.  Our technical experts are experienced in all areas of food and agriculture including horticulture, livestock, field crops, fishery, forestry, food processing and related environmental protection systems, technology, farming and manufacturing inputs, training and market development.

AgrifoodAsia's experts frequently consult for international organizations such as FAO and UNDP, and many countries in the Asia-Pacific including Australia, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Mongolia and North Korea at government level. Both our management and technical experts have intimate working knowledge and understanding of the business practices and the social, cultural, human, political and economic intricacies pivotal for making business happen in Australia, China and SE-Asia.

Strategic Partners
AgrifoodAsia is a strategic partner of many major government departments, industry organizations and academic and R&D institutions in key ministries, provinces and cities of China that include ministerial advisors and those in China’s Ministry of Agriculture and China Agricultural University.

In Australia, AgrifoodAsia is a strategic partner to numerous government departments and economic and business groups such as Australia’s Central Economic Zone and the NSW Department of Primary Industries.


Management Team

Strategic Plan

Organisational Structure

Partnership Structure

Areas of Business
AgrifoodAsia business activities and services are grouped into 5 Operational Centres:

  • Partnership and alliance

  • Business and trade

  • Projects and investment

  • Technology

  • Education and training

China Expertise
AgrifoodAsia is particularly expert in China food and agriculture.  AgrifoodAsia specializes in identifying business opportunities in China, and the building of business:

  1. Plans,

  2. Expertise,

  3. Structures and bridges,

  4. Mechanisms and channels,

  5. Networks and relationships, and

  6. Vehicles

necessary for capturing and turning business opportunities into reality.

AgrifoodAsia Offices
AgrifoodAsia is head-quartered in Sydney, Australia with strategic collaborators, representative offices, business partners and associates and technical experts strategically located in various Australian states, key parts of China with offices in Beijing and in the east, south, north, west and central regions of China, and SE-Asia.  The AgrifoodAsia system is supported by numerous administrative and technical staff and over 30 in-house international consultants and experts.

Strategic Business Development
While the AgrifoodAsia Australia, China and SE-Asia business system has been built and oriented towards food and agriculture activities, due to the comprehensive and the high level nature of the AgrifoodAsia business structures, mechanisms, networks and expertise, the system can be adjusted to capture global business opportunities in other economic sectors such as energy, minerals, resources, manufacturing, IT and telecommunication, infrastructure, utilities and services.

AgrifoodAsia is in the process of establishing a number of global business gateways linking other continents to Australia, China and SE-Asia for a range of businesses.