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Resumes or CVs submitted to Agrifood People should conform to normal industry standards.


Ensure that your first and family names are included in the file name of electronically submitted documents.


All Resumes and CVs are treated confidentially by us.


Document layout is flexible. However, the following information should be considered as a minimum:


  1. Personal Details

    Full name, address, telephone contacts, email and Skype address (optional).

  2. Career Objective

    Brief powerful statement on your career objectives.

  3. Qualifications

    Listed in chronological order starting with most recent. Include the institution(s) obtained from.

  4. Employment History

    Listed in chronological order of the year employed starting with the most recent. Information you should include:
    - Month/year started and finished.
    - Position.
    - City/country.
    - Organisation name.
    - Industry description.
    - Responsibilities.
    - Key Achievements/position highlights.

  5. Relevant Training Programs

    Listed in chronological order of the year completed starting with the most recent.

  6. Professional Membership/Certification

    List membership of any professional associations.
    List any relevant licenses or registrations that you hold.

  7. Community work (optional)


  8. Personal Interests (optional)


  9. Referees

    Ensure you list the name, title, organisation, telephone and email contacts details, and that you specifiy the relationship between yourself and the referee.

Hints & Tips


  • Use a font that is easy to read such as Times New Roman or Arial using 10 or 12 point.

  • Check for spelling and neatness.

  • Leave plenty of white space on your resume.

  • Use your name as the heading on the every page and in the file name.

  • Use bullet points.

  • Ensure that indentations are consistent.






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