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AgrifoodAsia is your China specialist. We can help you navigate the China business maze, identify and capture business opportunities successfully in the world's biggest  agrifood market with 1.3 billion customers by providing you with our decades of knowledge, expertise and experience in China trade, investment and business construction, facilitation and co-operation.

Before entering China, acquire insights into the intricacies and techniques of MAKING business happen in China and equip yourself with the needed information, road maps, business skills and the all important China linkages by taking our "How To MAKE Business Happen in China" training course.

Find our partners, services or products. Globalize your company and access customers 24 hours a day with a special promotion, a banner or a listing in our on-line Industry Directory.

AgrifoodAsia is your one-stop center and solution for agrifood business in Australia, China and SE-Asia. Also access world-wide business networks and opportunities through our partner international business gateways and bridges.




Partnership and Alliance   
We form strategic and co-operative partnerships & alliances with key government departments, industry and business groups, academic and R&D institutions  and major companies to develop and capture Asia business  opportunities for mutual benefit.

Business Facilitation
Be our business partner or associate, or let us help you make trade deals, find suitable agents or partners, or establish the presence, relationships, business structures and mechanisms essential for sustainable Asia success with the support of our offices and partners in Australia, SE-Asia and China.

Training and Business Missions
Participate in our agrifood management or technical training programs or join one of the specialized high impact study tours or business capture missions to China organized by us.

Projects and Investment
Let us work with you to identify, develop or package suitable investment or co-operation projects in China and Australia or choose one of our flagship or recommended projects from the Project Centre.

Technology Transfer
We can help to transfer or commercialize your technology or new products, find a suitable R&D partner or funding source. Browse our technology solution packages for modern production, post production handling and processing, and marketing of various types of agrifood products.


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  NFSTTC & CABTS China Ministry of Agriculture
  Central Economic Zone, NSW, Australia
  Agsell, NSW DPI
  International Association of Chinese Experts & Professionals
  Zhongguancun China Science Park
  China Cotton Industries
  Shanghai Shenhong Group
  Migration & Overseas Studies Centre


Updated 20 Dec 2006

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